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FAQ Spray Tanning

Before visiting esteem for a spray tan

  • Book your spray tan a day or two before you need it.
  • Shower 30 minutes before and remove all makeup
  • DO NOT moisturize or use deodorant
  • Always make sure your skin is exfoliated. Concentrate on areas such as knees, feet, elbows and ankles. If you are experience dryness in these areas you may put a little cream on these parts only.
  • Try to stay away from products with sulphate and built in moisturisers. These can leave a coat on your skin or worse send you green!!
  • Discuss your skin care regime with us and we can advise what is most likely to help or hinder your tan
  • Shave and/or Wax – legs, arms etc (do not wait after your tan to do this, you could be ripping or shaving your tan off)
  • Wear loose, comfy clothing and your slip on shoes. PJ’s and slippers are welcome and yes it will wash out of white clothing.

After your Spray tan penrith

  • Avoid water and excessive exercise directly after your tan, as you’ll wash your tan off or sweat it away
  • Pat dry after you shower to help your tan last longer
  • Moisturize moisturize moisturize, this will help keep your tan for up to 7 days and it comes off nice and evenly.
  • DO NOT exfoliate, unless you want your tan off or until your next tan
  • Avoid chlorinated pools and spas.. they will strip it straight off

Depending on the Brand of Spray Tan

  • Tuscan Tan – Shower after 2 or 8 Hours as directed
  • Loving Tan – Shower 1 1/2 or 2 Hours as directed

Tips on removing your esteem spray tan

If you have a build up from weeks of regular tanning try covering yourself in baby oil, leave it on as long as possible then jump in a hot bath, or a hot shower will be fine.. exfoliate with a glove and exfoliant wash and it should scrub straight off and be ready for your new one!!

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