Get full proof highlights with foiling

Get full proof highlights with foiling

Colouring your hair may cause damage to it and leave it dry, rough and frizzy especially if it’s a DIY project. However, with experienced stylists taking care of your hair, you will not have to worry about any damage to your hair. At Esteem Hair and Beauty Spa, they use L’Oreal Professionnél products that will rejuvenate and leave your hair healthy and better than before.

So, you can get hair foiling in the Penrith beauty spa and our stylists will use a number of techniques to treat your hair with a colour within foils. The result will be a natural blend that imitates the way hair tends to change colour over a period in the sun to add texture and shades that compliment your existing hair. Because foiling takes time, skill and precision, a hair establishment that offers it will have their most experienced stylists working on your hair. Foiling also means less stress on the hair and your scalp will not be irritated and feel discomfort as a result.

The stylist will also be able to achieve better precision of each highlight because of foiling and this will lead to immaculate highlights that are close to the hairline and even the scalp.  In most cases, foils are used when one wants a dramatic hair colour change, a uniform colour or hair that has highlights and lowlights. Foiling may require constant maintenance, but it will be worth it when you see yourself in the mirror. This is especially true if you want to play around with your colours and want to see exactly where the new growth of hair is taking place. Although foiling is one of the most traditional methods to colour your hair, with the help of experts, you will be looking radiant and beautiful in no time.

We have a service guarantee to our clients promise only the best, however, if we fail to do so, we can fix whatever issue that came from our side. It is advised that clients who have never gotten their hair coloured should try a sensitivity test prior to their colour appointment. This is to avoid an allergic reaction caused by the colouring product. For a free customised consultation, contact us today.

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