3 Steps to Split-End Free Hair

3 Steps to Split-End Free Hair

Split-end’s are an age old challenge many of us, particularly the modern woman that likes gorgeous hair everyday, not just the day she walks out of the salon. Today we will share with you some of our favourite tips for keeping those strands healthy and full of lustre and bounce.


Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Haircut  Sorry guys, theres no way around this. If the ends are split, there are some great products to help seal to stop further erosion of hair, but will never fix them completely. The good news is, the next two steps help prevent recurrence.

2. Mend & Strengthen  Here is where using the right products is key. The right ones for you and your ongoing needs, whether you are on a steady climb going lighter for summer, or you are a bit of an straightening iron addict, these are the things that require more than just your average strengthening products. For this we recommend Kerastase Therapiste Collection, with the right care for either Fine or Thick hair.

3. Protect  This is an absolute must! Always protect hair from thermal tools. We love Ciment Thermique by Kerastase, its totally weightless and protects hair from heat but is also anti-breakage and smells amazing!

For More Haircare information or advice please contact the Penrith Hairdressers at Esteem Hair Beauty Spa

Have a great day!!

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