LED Light Therapy Specialist in Sydney



Healite II can be used as a stand-alone treatment, usually twice a week over 4 weeks, or can be incorporated with other treatments such as Facials, Peels and Dermal Rolling to stimulate the healing process and helps the skin to absorb active ingredients more effectively.

The benefits of this treatment includes ;Rejuvenation, Brightening, Reduction of inflammation and helps promotes Collagen growth. The Blue Light Formula will also help with acne inflammation whilst removing bacteria.

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Repair & Rejuvenate skin

add on to a body treatment for only $50

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Give your skin the light boost it needs! Improve skintone, texture, hydration, stimulate collagen prodcution and tighten the skin.

Cleanse, healite + hand massage, tone, eye treatment, moisturise & SPF

Approx 20-30mins


Add on to Facial


Give your body the light boost it needs! Whether you are treating skin conditions such as dermatitis or psoriasis, muscle pains or healing wounds a Healite treatment plan is the answer!

Approx 15 Minutes