Hair Extensions Service in Sydney


Hair Extensions In Our Penrith Salon

No Glues. No Waxes. No Weaves and Reusable

As Penrith’s favourite beauty salon, we are renowned for being leaders in human hair extensions in Penrith, Sydney. We will create natural-looking styles to lengthen, thicken and create beautiful texture.

Unlike other products on the market, AmoreHair Extensions, designed in our own Penrith salon are gentle on your existing hair. Using entirely natural materials in our salon, we give you the freedom to choose between a wide range of textures and colours, so your final result is as close as possible to your natural style.

This is because AmoreHair use no glues, waxes or weaving but rather a sophisticated extension procedure where micro-cylinders expertly link each extension to your existing hair. Working with precision and delicacy, we’ll get superior results from your beauty treatments.


We understand that everyone’s locks are different and as such our expert stylists apply our according to your specific needs, no matter your existing texture. Finer textures generally require around 50-150 follicles. Average density heads require approximately 150-200 and heavier density 200 or more. Each extension takes just about one minute to attach.

Our precise and fine-tuned beauty technology is also more durable than other extensions because they can be reused and reattached. Visit our salon regularly and take good care of your extension to make sure you get the best out of your new look.

“Perfect Hair” Tape Extensions

Perfect Hair Tape Extensions are designed to add volume, length and thickness in approx. an hour! Perfect Hair Tape Extensions uses the best medically tested adhesive and the finest Human Hair on the market making Perfect Hair Tape Extensions incomparable to other tape extensions available. With 26 colours to choose from colour matching is so easy! Flat 4cm wide pieces make application and blending quick and easy!

Perfect Hair Tape Extensions are comfortable to wear, with a flat heat resistant bond that blends perfectly with your hair giving you no discomfort when they are applied! They are designed to be re-lifted every 6-8 weeks for a damage free application!

tap extension

*Colours may differ from images. Please Book in for a consultation to see colour Swatch.