Spa Massage

Spa Massages

Esteem Hair Beauty Spa has developed prenatal massage, postnatal massage and beauty treatments designed for new and expectant mums.

Pregnancy massage and postnatal massages are not like ordinary massages. In our specialised prenatal and postnatal treatments we only use massage therapists trained in Pregnancy Massage, oils and products that are 100% safe for you and your baby and techniques which specifically target those areas of concern.

Our experienced female therapists in Sydney West are fully trained in pregnancy massage and, to further enhance your experience, we use a specialised pregnancy massage cushion. The pregnancy massage cushion supports your body so that you remain comfortable and your bump is protected throughout the treatment.

Melt Away the Stress

Enjoy a Relaxing Massage with Esteem

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Remedial massage effectively addressed tense, knotted, damaged muscles and skeletal dysfunctions through a range of massage strokes, touch techniques and soft tissue manipulation that can be personalised to suit individual client needs. The approach is holistic in that it targets the actual dysfunction or issue, which in turn addresses the symptoms. The specialised techniques can help repair damaged muscles, tendons and joints by supporting and increasing the body’s own repair mechanism.

The combination of gentle, strong, deep and shallow techniques stimulates blood flow, which flushes out toxins from the muscles. Remedial massage helps to relax the peripheral nervous system, which reduces pain and aids comfort. Stretching the muscles decreases stiffness, immobility and tension.

Remedial massage can be beneficial in addressing neck and back pain; muscular pain, cramps and tightness; sports injuries; frozen shoulder; tennis elbow; scoliosis; sciatica; arthritis; headaches; poor circulation and sleep issues.

Your Visit to esteem will help your stress slip away as you indulge your senses with our candle-lit private rooms, couples room, spa sounds & aromatic essential oils.

Full Body Massage

Your “time of knead” is customised to give you exactly what you deserve… time out, relaxation, improved health and wellbeing. If you have specific needs let us know at the time of booking, and we’ll select the therapist who best suits your needs.

60 min


75 min


90 min


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a relaxation massage that combines massage movements between hands and hot rocks. The heat from the rock will penetrate into the muscle tissue that allows a deeper sense of relaxation. Simply Divine!

30 min


60 min


75 min


Back, Neck and Shoulder
Massage of the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, as time allows. This massage incorporates a gentle soothing touch interspersed with firmer strokes to promote relaxation, increase circulation
and ease sore and tight muscles.

30 min


E’steam Massage

Ease yourself into a state of deep relaxation and wellness with our stress release massage package. Enjoy a 15 minute session in our Spa Jet cocoon to gently soothe aches and pains. Then experience a relaxation massage to restore peace and well-being to the body and mind.

45 min


75 min


90 min


Esteem Duo Massage

In our Couples Room. Enjoy a relaxing and private massage together. Perfect for couples or friends. Experience this in our candlelit couples room with gentle spa music to take you away from it all.

30 min


60 min