Nepean Wig Library

Nepean Wig Library

Nepean Wig Library. Our Vision

For any cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy, the reality of losing their hair can be traumatic. Whilst many patients choose to have a wig fitted to minimise self-consciousness, this ‘solution’ can often be quite a confronting and costly exercise.

In 1991, as a response to this, the Nepean Cancer Care Centre launched the Wig Library initiative, a service that enabled cancer patients in the Penrith area to loan wigs for a small fee. Whilst the initiative has been extremely well received over the past 13 years, the wig library has been limited in what it can offer and increasing cancer treatment services have put pressure on space for other services offered by the Centre.

Martin and Allison, husband and wife owners of Esteem Hair Beauty Spa, first became aware of the Wig Library initiative through a long-standing client of our salon, and saddened with the knowledge that the much-needed service was under threat, they decided to approach the Cancer Council NSW and the Nepean Cancer Centre, to see how Esteem could help.

Cancer patients who are losing their hair as a result of treatment are now invited to visit a private consultation room at Esteem Hair Beauty Spa, where a specially trained member of the Esteem team will help you pick the perfect wig, turban or hat to suit your natural features and lifestyle choices. Esteem’s Nepean Wig Library will house a wide range of wigs to choose from in contemporary colours and styles, with new wigs to be regularly added.


We, the team at Esteem Hair Beauty Spa, are humbled to be able to support such a worthwhile initiative. Beyond the wig service facility, our expertise will add guidance and support in regards to wig colour and styles. For us, it’s all about making an often confronting experience a more enjoyable one.

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How can I borrow a wig?

Please call Esteem Hair Beauty Spa on 02 4703 4235 to make a specialist appointment in our private consultation room. A trained member of our staff will assist you in choosing a wig or hat to suit you and will make arrangements for you to borrow it. Opening Hours are 2pm – 4pm Tuesdays & Thursdays

What does it cost to hire a wig?

To hire a wig, a $50 deposit is required. When the wig is returned in good condition, you will receive a refund of $30. The hire charge is required to cover the cost of purchasing, cleaning and sanitising the wig only. The Esteem Hair Beauty Spa Wig Library service is a not-for-profit initiative.

How long can I keep a wig for?

The length of each wig’s loan is 6 months however, if you need it for longer than that, please feel free to speak to a member of the Esteem Hair Beauty Spa team either via phone or by coming into the salon to arrange an extension.

Can I cut and colour or style the wig?

The original cut, colour and style of the wigs must be maintained; therefore NO cutting, colouring or styling of your wig is permitted. This includes NO use of styling products, straightening irons or curlers.

How can I support the Wig Library?

Esteem clients will have the opportunity to contribute to the wig service offering by donating $1 when receiving a hair, beauty or spa treatment at the salon. However all donations are greatly appreciated to assist us to continue providing the best quality contemporary wigs. All monies donated will go towards the purchase of new wigs and headwear for the facility.

How many wigs can I borrow?

Due to the availability of wigs, only one wig per patient can be borrowed at any one time.

How to care for your wig

  • Keep your wig in a bag, free from dust
  • Give your wig a good brush after each wear
  • Shampoo your wig after 7-10 wears with a Sulphate and Phosphate free shampoo and conditioner Shampooing your wig
  • Brush your wig thoroughly before washing
  • Fill a sink with cold or very lukewarm water
  • Please only clean your wig with the shampoo and conditioner provided
  • Squeeze suds gently through the strands of the wig
  • Rinse twice in cold water and lightly towel dry
  • Dry the wig in the open air (not on the wig block)
  • Comb and style when the wig is completely dry