5 Beauty Treatments That Really Enhance Your Eyes

5 Beauty Treatments That Really Enhance Your Eyes

Do you feel like your eyes are one of your best features? Do you want to draw more attention to them?

Here at Esteem Hair and Beauty Spa, we offer a range of beauty treatments that focus on enhancing the eye area, including lash lifts and brow waxe in Penrith. These treatments focus on your eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes, which frame your eyes ‒ the key features of your face.

It’s amazing how these simple and affordable beauty treatments can enhance your look, and you’ll leave your appointment feeling like a whole new you.

Lash Lifts

Lash lifts are an extremely popular treatment as they are simple yet highly effective. They essentially work by semi-permanently curling your lashes upwards so that they look longer and fuller. This is the perfect option for someone who does not want the maintenance of eyelash extensions but still wants to enjoy an enhanced eye look.

Eyelash Extensions

Looking for a dramatic transformation? Eyelash extensions add more lashes to your eyelids, giving you a fuller and longer eyelash look. With eyelash extensions, there is no need for mascara. Various options are available and you could get a classic lash or go full glam!

Brow Wax

Your eyebrows are what frame your eyes, and by neatening and shaping them with a brow wax treatment, you draw attention to and open up your eyes. A brow wax is a quick, easy and affordable treatment that really makes all the difference. It is especially a great option for brows that tend to get unruly.

Henna Brows

Do you have light, thin, almost nonexistent brows? Then henna brows could bring your eyebrows to life, adding beauty and animation to your face. There are many natural shades to choose from and the results are long-lasting.


While you may think your eye makeup routine is on point, a professional makeup artist has the skills and abilities to give you a look that is well-suited to you and ideal for special events. You may also learn a thing or two that you can incorporate into your daily makeup.

Are you interested in booking a lash lift, eyelash extension, henna brows, or brow wax in Penrith? Here at Esteem Hair and Beauty, we offer it all! Our hair and beauty salon offers comprehensive treatments by an experienced and talented team. Please get in touch with us today to make your appointment.

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