IPL Skin Renewal

IPL Skin Renewal

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment is one of the most effective procedures for patients with nonaesthetic
vascular lesions in addition to signs of skin photo ageing, & it has been reportedas very successful in the treatment of telangiectasias, spidernevi, erythrosis, and above all, rosacea & poikiloderma. Itsuse is based on the principle of selective photothermoysis,which exploits the haemoglobin absorption peak among its
range of wavelengths..

Full Face - $129
Half Face - $79
Quarter Face -$49
1 spot $20
IPL Acne Therapy is an effective new light-based therapeutictherapy and is now revolutionising the treatment ofacne. The IPL Acne Therapy destroys the most common bacteria that cause acne - without drugs, without pain & without downtime. IPL (Intense Pulse Light), is one of the safesttreatments available... Proven to be extremely effective on moderate in ammatory acne.

Full Face - $129
Half Face - $79
Full Back - $250
Full Chest - $250
IPL Technology is been used in aesthetic treatments to reduce or remove pigment, sun spots and freckles on skin, mostly face. It’s been emerging as a popular treatment in many countries. With high energy pulses it breaks the pigment which then  akes off or dissolves into the blood stream to fade it’s appearance on the surface. Treatment is safe for face, hands and décolletage.

Full Face - $150
Half Face - $99
Quarter Face - $69
Decolletage - $99
Per Spot - $20
One of the most effective ways to improve skin texture, fade pigmentation and minimise diffuse background redness is with IPL skin rejuvenation, sometimes called photo rejuvenation. IPL skin rejuvenation is a safe, gradual process and this allows patients to return to work and their regular activities
without risk of ‘downtime’.

Full Face - $199
Decolletage - $99
Full Face and Dec - $279


Benefits are:

• Reducing the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores & skin texture.

• Fading & disappearance of freckles, age spots, liver spots and any signs of photo aging skin.

• Reducing the redness, flushing and appearance of Rosacea.

• Shrinkage, fading and disappearance of spider veins

• Fading and controlling the over production of pigmentation caused from melasma.

• Stimulating the cells that produce collagen. The production of collagen results in smoother and firmer skin.


How does IPL work for hair removal? This IPL targets the pigment located in the hair follicle and shaft. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and this energy is converted to heat which results in damage to the hair follicle. This damage causes delayed re-growth of hair and, in most cases, permanent destruction of many of the hair follicles. Unlike electrolysis, which disables one hair follicle at a time, the laser reaches and treats hundreds of follicles at a time.

DOES IT HURT? IPL/SHR technology provides treatment with minimal discomfort and is virtually pain free.

HOW MANY TREATMENTS WILL I NEED? We recommend (6-8) treatments. In fact, it is not uncommon for a person to need six or seven or more. There are a variety of factors that can in uence the number of treatments any individual may require to achieve the desired results.

WHAT WILL I LOOK LIKE / HOW RED WILL I BE AFTER THE TREATMENT? Post treatment reactions vary depending on the coarseness, density and colour of the hair and the area being treated. In general terms, most patients experience redness similar to a mild sunburn.