Choose the Best Balayage Specialist in Sydney to Get the Look You Crave

Choose the Best Balayage Specialist in Sydney to Get the Look You Crave

Great hair can be transformational for your look. A new cut or change in the colour of your hair can instantly alter your appearance in a subtle or bold way. You can give your mood and self-esteem a boost by getting a fresh new style to show off your creative flair through the look of your locks. Being playful with your hair and trying out different styles is a fantastic way to express yourself.
Are you looking for a fabulous new technique for your hair? Change up your look with balayage. This is a popular choice for good reason. Get balayage Sydney for beautiful hair you will fall in love with.

The Balayage Technique

Traditional highlights use foils to separate the hair and apply the dye, but with balayage, your hairdresser will apply the colour freehand. This is why it’s important to book your appointment with a balayage specialist Sydney. The process gives more creative freedom, but you need to trust your stylist.
Balayage hair Sydney can help you achieve more natural-looking highlights than the uniform look that is achieved with the use of foils. The balayage look is softer and more blended. Your stylist can target any greys and emphasise the hair that frames your face.

Benefits of Balayage

One of the best parts of the balayage technique is that it works well for all hair types. The freehand application allows your hairdresser to follow the natural colour and curl patterns of your hair to make the effect work best for you.

The really good news for all those who can’t find the time to visit the salon every few weeks for highlight touch-ups is that balayage is much lower maintenance. New growth is much less noticeable and blends easily into the existing dye, so you can go for three to four months between appointments.
You will get the best results from a reputable salon with experience in the technique. An expert in balayage Sydney will have the skills to recreate the look you want by referencing the photos you bring and listening to your preferences.

Risks and Drawbacks

The great news is that when you choose the best balayage specialist Sydney, there is little risk to getting this technique done. It is kinder on your hair than most treatments, though the ends of your strands could suffer a little damage since the heaviest colour is applied to this area. It does take longer than some techniques, but the results are worth it!

The other drawback is that if you have darker hair with any warmth to it, the process may pull out some orange or red tones. This can be a beautiful look, but if you aren’t a fan of warm colour in your hair, another treatment may be best.

Balayage is the perfect choice for anyone who wants natural-looking highlights. Contact Esteem Hair Beauty Spa today to make your appointment. You’ll walk out with a sun-kissed surfer girl look that will be the envy of all your friends!

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