Here’s Why You Should Try a Day Spa In Penrith

Here’s Why You Should Try a Day Spa In Penrith

Indulging in the pleasures of a day spa has numerous benefits and there are a number of different day spa packages you can choose from. After some relaxing pampering, you’ll emerge from your Penrith spa feeling totally rejuvenated.

Let’s take a look at some key reasons why you should treat yourself to day spas in Penrith and how it will benefit you.

A Variety Of Different Day Spa Treatments Available

When you book in for a day spa Penrith, you’ll discover a range of pampering options are available, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. If you’re unsure about what’s best, you can consult with one of the day spa specialists and they will help you work out the best treatment package for you. Some of the services you can enjoy include:

  • A variety of facial treatments
  • A spa massage
  • A pregnancy massage for expectant mothers
  • Various body treatments
  • Manicures and pedicures


The lead up to giving birth, for example, can leave some expectant mothers feeling tense and stressed and one of the best ways to relieve this stress is with a gentle prenatal massage. This type of massage differs from a regular massage and is performed by therapists trained in prenatal and postnatal massage techniques. All massage oils and techniques used are completely safe for both the mother and the unborn child.

Of course, you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy a calming and relaxing massage in a day spa, as there are regular massage services available as well.

Day spa treatments are also about doing something positive for your face and body and with a variety of indulgence packages for both, you’ll be able to exfoliate the skin and detoxify your body in the process.

Facial treatments are designed to create a more youthful and revitalised appearance through hydrating the skin, exfoliating away dead skin and the replenishment of vital nutrients that enhance skin health and regrowth of new skin cells.

The Benefits Of Indulging In a Day Spa Session

Every day spa room is noise-free and designed to create a relaxing atmosphere. While you might be indulging in face or body pampering, one of the ultimate goals of a day spa is to help clear the mind and calm the soul as well. It’s both a physical and psychological makeover.

A number of the treatments help to rejuvenate the skin by nourishing it and rehydrating dry skin. If you feel your skin has lost its life and glow, pampering yourself with a day spa treatment will revitalise the skin of the face and body and you’ll emerge feeling refreshed, alive and looking better than ever.

Book In For a Spa Today

Book in for the day spa Penrith indulgence package of your choice at Esteem Hair Beauty Spa and treat yourself to the pampering you deserve. It will make you feel like a brand new person. View our website for more details on day spa packages and make an appointment today.

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