How Eyelash Extensions are More Than Just a Trend

How Eyelash Extensions are More Than Just a Trend

The beauty industry has seen trends come and go for as long as it’s been in existence, but some popular beauty crazes have outlasted fad-status to stand the test of time. Eyelashes, thanks to their ability to make you look doll-eyed and lively, have long been the focus of various trends, from heavily volumising mascaras to promising growth serums.

Eyelash extensions are one such trend, promising beautiful, lush lashes morning, noon, and night without the hassle of messy mascara wands, daily removal and application of false lash glue, or waiting months for lash growth serums to work their magic.

Extensions have been all the rage for several years now, but are they worth the hype? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this popular beauty upgrade has stuck around–and likely isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

They’re Long-lasting, But Temporary

Extensions are semi-permanent fibre applications adhered with long-lasting, skin-friendly glue to the base of your eyelashes to give them length, colour, and volume. With proper care, they typically give you a beautiful set of lashes for six to eight weeks before the glue starts to break down, so you have up to two months of low maintenance, gorgeous lashes.

Anyone looking far and wide for quality eyelash extensions Penrith to Adelaide should consider this option for its temporary nature, too. Much like makeup, lash extensions can be applied or removed at your own will, so you won’t have to worry about permanent changes that are difficult to reverse.

They Make a Huge Impact

Because they’re each applied individually instead of as a single strip, lash extensions have an impressive wow factor. Long, beautiful, curly eyelashes make the wearer look youthful by drawing attention to the eyes and making them appear larger. Extensions also give you the appearance of being put together without spending even a moment of your time in the morning applying any other makeup products.

They Work For You

There’s a powerful reason that Penrith eyelash extensions are rising in popularity amongst a wide variety of beauty mavens. False lashes designed to be worn for a single day come in a single, one-size-fits-all strip. Lash extensions, on the other hand, are hand-applied by a technician to fit your unique eye shape. Extensions come in various lengths, thicknesses, and colours, too, so you can choose the look that suits you and your look best.

Application Is Quick and Easy

When you compare the amount of time you’ve spent applying eye makeup each morning to an application session that lasts less than two hours, there is no question as to which option is the time-saver. Extensions cut down on your morning makeup routine significantly, as you no longer need to bring out the eyelash curler, wait for coats of mascara to dry before applying another, or using fancy eyeliner tricks to give you the look of full, thick lashes.

They’re Simple to Care For

Eyelash extensions aren’t completely carefree, but they don’t require much. Though they do have a few important care instructions, caring for your extensions is mostly about avoiding things that will expedite the breaking down of the glue or cause breakages. Eyelashes just need to be combed through, kept relatively dry, and, for the most part, left alone. The better you’re able to care for your set of extensions, the longer they will last.

They Make You Feel Great

Above all, lash extensions give wearers a big confidence boost. Most people say the first thing they notice about someone when meeting them is their eyes, so having a solid set of lashes can draw positive attention to this important asset. Those who have their own set of extensions report feeling more comfortable without wearing other makeup products and aren’t worried about looking tired or drained. Lashes can help you feel more beautiful and more comfortable in your own skin–a small change with huge, confidence-boosting benefits.

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