Simple & Easy Christmas Hair & Makeup

Simple & Easy Christmas Hair & Makeup

The festive season is almost upon us once again. We have some simple & easy Christmas hair and makeup ideas to share with you in this article.

Christmas Hair and Makeup Ideas

If you’re looking for simple Christmas makeup and hair ideas for the coming festive season, let’s take a look at some possibilities that’ll suit you, as well as the Australian weather at Christmas time.

    • You could try a hair blowout for Christmas this year. One advantage of this hairstyle is it can keep you cooler on a hot day, which it’s likely to be during the Australian summer. With the blowout look, blow dry your hair straight, then apply some lightweight hair product to give it volume so it’s not sitting limp and flat.


    • Another cool hairstyle for the festive season is to include some form of a festive headband. Now, this doesn’t need to be something cheesy like reindeer horns. It could be a headband that’s a little more stylish, but includes something like holly leaves or red berries. You could take this idea a step further and buy a headband that has flashing red and green lights so it stands out at a party at night. A festive headband will enhance practically any hairstyle or colour.


    • Hair braids are the in thing this coming holiday season, and there are a lot of styles you can create with braids. For inspiration, go online and search sites like Pinterest for really cool ideas you can try.


    • If you’re looking for simple makeup for a Christmas party, you could choose colours that blend in with the festive season. It really depends on whether you want more traditional looking makeup, or want to get a bit wild and perhaps incorporate some red and green into the mix. It really depends on you, the type of party you are attending and your personality.


    • You could also go for that shimmering look. After all, one of the things we all love about Christmas time is the decorations, and one of the most common and stunning decorations is tinsel, whether gold or silver. So, why not incorporate some gold and silver into your makeup? This could be in the form of eyeshadow, or you could even layer some gold or silver over your foundation for an impressive shimmering appearance.


  • When it comes to Christmas day lunch, keep your makeup light and to a minimum. You won’t want to cake on the layers on a hot, sweaty day. Maybe just some eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush will be enough for Christmas day lunch with the family.


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