The Hottest Makeup Artists Penrith Reveal Top Trends For Times When Its The Coldest

The Hottest Makeup Artists Penrith Reveal Top Trends For Times When Its The Coldest

As the heat of the summer months in Penrith, and Australia in general, slowly starts to change to cooler nights and further into colder days, so do we see the gradual morphing of wardrobes, layers and clothing colours. Fortunately, our team of Makeup Artists Penrith are able to guide women as they start to layer up in efforts to stay warm whilst stylish too, and transform their make-up looks and styles from light glows and pretty colours to the more smoky tones and warm shades.

Seasons Change And So Do Make-Up And Beauty Trends 

Our trusted, experienced and skilled makeup artists at Esteem Hair Beauty Spa are helping you to get winter-ready – whether for daily facial make-up application or for that winter wedding or special occasion. 

First up on the trending list to do this winter is gold eyes combined with berry lips. These contrasting shades are a stunning pairing. A light dusting of gold on the eyes and a slathering of bold berry colour on the lips is going to be a hot look this winter. Alongside beautiful berry lips, a bold, bright-red lip provides that classical look when you don’t have time for apply that full face. Like last year, flushed cheeks have remained popular, with that natural-look and rosy flush is perfect for the upcoming season. 

Not leaving the trending hotlist any time soon, smokey, sultry eyes are here to stay. Expect to see many eyes sporting that sultry eye colour – and this time, more maroon than ever. To be on trend and have that face make-up style that everyone wants, be sure to apply a light bronze or nude eye shadow as your base and then layer on that sultry maroon shade. From upper lid to the corners and under lid, brush on that smokey hue and rock that winter trend in your own unique way. 

Other 2021 winter makeup trends include that shimmer and all-over facial glow combined with perked up, filled-in brows. Make-up trends also said to be applied on many a woman’s face here in Penrith is that bright blue eye, or silver ombre eyes, and metallic inner corner. 

Be Sure To Stay On Trend With Application And Facial Care That’s Suitable For Winter Conditions 

Beauty is skin deep and when colder months bring about dry, cracked skin and mild symptoms that year-upon-year need further facial cleansing and upkeep, it’s important to be on trend for beauty looks but also for facial care, maintenance and health. According to Loreal Paris, “It’s important to take special care of your complexion in the midst of blustery winds and ever-dropping temps.” Keep these five makeup application tips in mind before applying your winter makeup. Click the link and find out more. Learn click here for our online shop and purchase affordable, top-of-the-line beauty products fast, conveniently and safely! 

Let’s Face Winter Today – Book A Session With Our Makeup Artists Penrith!  Esteem Hair Beauty Spa provides the ultimate beauty salon experience with more than 23 years in the industry.  We take great pride in our expertly skilled hair, spa and beauty team who provides personalised solutions and tailored advice for our clients – and their makeup needs. As a member of the Australian Hairdressing Council, our national acclaim and gold accreditation means our beauty solutions are top class with only the best makeup artists Penrith available to cater to your needs! Winter is on its way, so let’s get our makeup looks ready and our seasonal makeup collection refreshed and on trend. Schedule your session (02) 4722 3250 or click here for more makeup solution details, rates and session overviews.

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