Tips From Hair Colour Experts In Western Sydney For Adjusting To A New Hair Colour

Tips From Hair Colour Experts In Western Sydney For Adjusting To A New Hair Colour

If you’ve ever drastically changed the colour of your hair, you know that it can sometimes take some getting used to. While some people adore their new colour off the bat, other people need some time for their new hair colour to grow on them a little.

As experts in hair colour in Western Sydney, we have been part of dozens of dramatic hair colour transformations. From our experience, we have gathered a few effective ways to help you adjust to your new hair colour.

Experiment With Make-Up And Clothes

The same makeup that looks amazing on you as a blonde may not have quite the same effect as when you are a brunette. Changing your hair colour is a really fun time to experiment with different outfits and makeup looks to find what really suits your new hair colour best.

Take Photographs

Once you’ve worked out what makeup and clothing suit your new hair colour, it’s definitely time to take some photos. Whether it’s just a few casual selfies, or a professional photo shoot, having photos taken of your new look will cement it into reality and give you a bit of a confidence boost.

Practice Styling It

A new hair colour may give your hair a slightly different texture. You may also need to buy different hair care and styling products if you want your new colour to look its best.

Show It Off To Your Family And Friends

Remember that your family and friends may also need a bit of time to adjust to your new look, but it’s good to show off your new colour and hear what they have to think about it. A new hair colour often gives you a new lease on life, so go out and enjoy it!

Give Yourself Some Time

It is important to be patient with yourself. For the first few days, you may still battle to recognise yourself as you pass by mirrors. You should find that you’ll hardly notice the change within a week. However, if you still do not feel comfortable or confident with your new colour after a week has passed, you may want to look at tweaking it.

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