Want to give someone a gift that stands out? Then choose a massage!

Want to give someone a gift that stands out? Then choose a massage!

Few things are as nerve-wracking as trying to surprise someone with the perfect gift. You want it to make their faces light up and you want them to be genuinely surprised by it. You don’t want to ask them what they want as that would spoil the surprise or end up accidently getting the same thing as someone else. For a gift that they won’t forget and will appreciate, we recommend a massage gift voucher from a day spa in Penrith. Keep reading to find out why this is the perfect gift.

Which makes a better gift: experiences or objects?

When it comes to gifts, experiences trump objects every time. Research shows that experiential purchases tend to provide more happiness and that the pleasure does not wear off as it does with a brand-new phone or necklace. This is because experiences form who a person is, as opposed to what they own. It creates anticipation and is something people are more likely to want to share with or mention to others. So, a gift voucher for an experience makes for the perfect gift!

Massage Therapy

Why a massage makes the best gift experience…

A massage not only gives someone precious relaxation time away from work, ringing phones and household responsibilities, but it also reduces stress. An estimated quarter of all Australian women experience chronic stress in a way that impacts on their quality of sleep, ability to eat well balanced and nutritional meals as well as relax. With the demands of modern life, it’s not always possible to eliminate stress entirely. A massage is a healthier and longer-lasting alternative to stress relief and it has proven benefits.

Massages can ease muscle pain and improve circulation. They help eliminate stress from the shoulders and neck – areas impacted by working in front of a computer all day. Some people report feeling less anxious and happier and others sleep better afterwards. It can decrease the intensity or frequency of headaches and boost your natural immunity too.

Get yours today

If you’re interested in giving someone a massage gift voucher in Penrith, make sure you choose a renowned day spa in the area to get it from. Esteem Hair Beauty Spa is a popular local day spa, with many singles and couples massage offerings to choose from.

You can purchase massage gift vouchers in-store or online

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