What is Balayage?

What is Balayage?

Trying to figure out which hairstyle to wear is a life or death decision, equal to not having anything to wear with a closet packed to its rafters. If you have got the t-shirt and worn for trying out every possible hairstyle under the sun and looking to try something different, have you considered balayage in Sydney?

The word balayage is derived from the French word “Balai” which means to sweep or to paint. In the salon world, balayage is a freestyle, hand hair colouring technique that uses hands to create soft, smooth and natural looking highlights, with no visible or harsh lines. In other words, a hairstylist ‘paints’ the tresses to create soft shades and light through the hair, giving you more natural looking results.

Balayage appeals to many people as they can get different effects ranging from soft hues to being bold, giving you a choice from a variety of styles that allow you to be original. This technique is different from using the traditional foils in that it is about painting the hair in a more artistic and natural pattern.

  1.    Origin Of Balayage.

While the balayage technique has exploded in popularity in recent times, it has its beautiful beginnings in the 1970s in France, at the uber-exclusive Carita Salon in Paris. The industry norm, at that time, was to dye hair by using frosting caps and foils. The balayage technique revolutionised the hair industry as it used cotton strips to separate dyed hair from un-dyed hair that creates an effortless and sun-kissed look.

  1.    Is Balayage For Me?

Balayage is suitable for beginners to seasoned hair colour enthusiasts, as it requires minimum maintenance. If you are going for the natural look, balayage is the right style for you. The key here to remember if you have shoulder length hair, with little to no grey hair, you are set to having beautiful hair.

  1.    Suitable Hair Types.

One of the many beneficial advantages of balayage is anyone can effortlessly achieve a more natural looking hair through its attractive colouring method, and it works perfectly on both light or dark hair strands.

Balayage is the best technique for your hair transformation, whether you have a long or mid-length hairstyle. It is not advisable to use this technique should you have a very short bob or pixie hair as it might be a risky move considering the limited strands.

You can still try this technique on your chemically treated hair, with the help of balayage hairstylist in Sydney. There is a numerous variety of hair colouring techniques, and we have the exceptional hairstylists at Esteem Hair Beauty Spa to come up with the best balayage hair.

  1.    Maintenance Tips And Tricks.

The balayage technique is now the most coveted requests in salons because of its low maintenance. What this means is that, since it gives your hair that looks more natural and gorgeously healthy, you will only require minimal maintenance to keep it looking awesome. In other words fewer salon visits and less money spent on your hair.

You will not need to book regular hair appointments as your hair will still look beautiful even with new hair regrowth.

Do you need to transform your hair and overall look? Esteem Hair Beauty Spa are balayage specialists in Sydney with the right dosage of expertise, creativity and zest to bring your hair dreams to reality. Book your appointment now and if you have any more questions regarding balayage, feel free to contact us.

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