What Makes A Good Beauty Therapist?

What Makes A Good Beauty Therapist?

What makes a good beauty therapist is subjective. While others might get annoyed at the therapist for trying to advertise the products she will use, others are often interested in what they have to say. There are also those who prefer their therapist to explain all the procedures without yammering while another client might prefer them to shut up and work. Here are a few ideas about what might make a good therapist.


Receiving a relaxing massage at your favourite beauty spa can be amazing. However, what makes the massage work is that the masseuse listens to your requests and desires and acts accordingly. So, if you want them to be gentler, they will need to comply. If the massage is hurting you more than it is making you relaxed, then there will be a problem. It is important that the masseuse listens to the needs of the client and tries to make them happy.  


When it comes to beauty therapists, their experience is vital for you to enjoy your masseuse and will be able to help release the tension in your muscles. So, don’t be shy in asking the beauty spa for more information about the qualifications of their staff. Some spa facilities have also raked in some awards and an award or two hanging on their wall may be all the confirmation you need of their expert skills. A spa facility like Esteem Hair and Beauty Spa is a four-time winner of the Hairdresser of the Year award as well as Person of the Year. With the latest techniques and tools used by their well trained and highly skilled team, this should leave you at ease of how good they are.


A beauty spa needs to keep to their schedule. Just because the client before you arrived late for their appointment, it should not mean that you should be kept waiting. If the client is late, they should either be made to wait until there is an opening or their session is cut short. They can’t keep you waiting when you have arrived on time.

Finding a good beauty therapist that you trust can be difficult but following these tips we have provided should help you head in the right direction.

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