4 Important Characteristics of a Great Hairdresser

4 Important Characteristics of a Great Hairdresser

When you want your hair looking its best, but you have neither the time nor the training to understand how to accomplish it, you call on a professional. Some people swear by the hairstylists that they’ve retained, and see them exclusively whenever they need service. Finding a good stylist is as important as how good you want to look and feel. When you are investing in your beauty, you need somebody that you can trust and with whom you can develop a rapport. They will be helping you to establish your unique style. There are several things to look for when trying to find a great hairdresser.

1. Communication

The cornerstone of most important things is communication. A hairdressers Penrith needs to establish a rapport to help a client feel comfortable. More to the point, the two must work together to determine what type of cut, colouring or styling is going to be the best fit. Whether clients know what they’re looking for or need help figuring out what they want, professional stylists offer suggestions based on their education and experience.

Communication includes scheduling. Oftentimes, clients looking for a hairdresser Penrith book online, which is super convenient. At the end of the appointment, the hairdresser Pernith will work with the client to schedule a follow-up appointment or something farther out. The stylist will also provide instructions on how best to care for the new style, with an emphasis on what steps to take or avoid to protect the hair and preserve the style.

2. Technical Knowledge

A hairdresser in Penrith must have an intimate knowledge of the implements of the trade. From which type of scissors to employ to how to use foil to apply a colour treatment, a hairdresser Pernith should have extensive knowledge of both cutting and colouring, as well as other types of styling techniques. Especially regarding dyes and paints used for colouring, a hairdresser in Penrith should be aware of how all chemical products affect skin and hair and how they work with one another. They will also be practised at all types of application techniques and maintenance procedures.

3. Consistency

Whether it’s a keratin hair treatment Sydney or a blowout, or just a simple wash and cut, consistency is important in a stylist. Clients want to know that each time they visit their salon, they will get a level of consistency that they can trust. Cuts and colour treatments require precision, of course. Stylists should be consistent with their listening, too. So often, hair styling is rooted in nuance. When deciding how to blend colour or how to taper a cut to specification, the hairdresser is working off of technical knowledge as well as client instruction.

4. Creativity

A good stylist is an active listener who creates options based on given information. They rely on their schooling and experience, but also on informal conversations with other stylists and articles from trade websites. They might be struck by an idea and should be willing to explain it and then execute it. A client might request a keratin hair treatment Sydney only for the stylist to envision something slightly or wildly different.

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