5 Points To Help You Prepare For Your Salon Appointment

5 Points To Help You Prepare For Your Salon Appointment

Whether you have scheduled an appointment for a drastic new style or just for a maintenance trim, the experience of visiting a hair salon should always be an enjoyable one. The best salons take steps to provide a pleasant ambiance as you receive professional hairstyling. And expert stylists provide more than just a top-notch cut or colour—you will also receive great advice to maintain your style.
To make sure that your next salon visit is just as enjoyable as the last one, here are a few tips to help you prepare for the best hair styling Penrith has to offer.

Wash Your Hair Before Your Visit

When you have accumulated hair products and oils in your hair, it is harder for your stylist to do their best work. You will want to consult with your stylist before the hair styling Sydney begins, so they need to see and feel your hair when it is relatively clean and dry. Dirty hair can be overloaded with product and oils, so it is harder for your stylist to start with a baseline to understand what you want. Clean hair also helps your stylist to be able to apply colour evenly. Most stylists are fine with your hair not being washed for a day or so prior to your visit, but you should always come to the salon with hair that you could classify as “clean.”

Do Your Research

Always bring hairstyle ideas that will help your stylist to understand what you are looking for. It has never been easier to do internet research on hair styling Penrith. Visit Pinterest, Instagram, or the websites of beauty magazines to find examples of the cut, colour, or style you are looking for. Save those pictures to your phone, and come to the salon ready to discuss and share examples as you consult with the stylist.

You will also want to research the policies for your salon, especially when it comes to deposits, costs, and hygiene and safety expectations. This information is typically easy to find on the salon’s website.

Be Honest About Your Routines

If you have ten minutes to get ready each morning, the last thing you want is hair that takes an hour to style. Have an honest conversation with your stylist on how your style plans fit into your lifestyle. When you are candid with your stylist, they will be able to help you find both a style and a routine to help you look and feel your best.

Dress to Impress

A day at the salon should be relaxing, but that does not mean that you should come in your loungewear. Especially when you are getting a new hairstyle, you will want to be able to see how the finished product looks with your finished appearance. Dress in your regular career or lifestyle attire, and wear makeup that suits your daily look. This will help you to evaluate your new style as it is meant to be presented each day.

Be On Time

Your hairstylist has a busy schedule, so make sure to plan your day so that you will arrive a little early to your hair styling Sydney appointment—and never late. Plan ahead so that you avoid traffic or parking issues. Many salons have policies for late arrivals or late cancellations, so familiarise yourself with your salon’s guidelines.

At Esteem Hair Beauty Spa, we are ready to answer any questions about our salon, stylists, or appointments. Contact us today to get started.

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