6 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Hairdresser And Why

6 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Hairdresser And Why

When you go in for a hairdressing appointment, you want to get the most out of your time spent with a professional hairdresser, and saying certain things can take away from your experience.

As professional hairdressers in Sydney, here are a few things that we believe you should refrain from saying during your appointment.

“I Have Never Dyed My Hair” (But You Have)

Lying about your hair’s colour history can affect the hair colour results of your appointment, so it is best to be upfront and honest about your hair’s history.

“Just Take A Centimetre Off”

When discussing how much to take off during a trim or cut, you should always show your hairdresser how much you are wanting to take off, as your idea of a centimetre and their idea of a centimetre may be quite different.

“I Have So Much Time To Style My Hair” (When You Don’t)

Your hairdresser will ask about the time you have to style your hair when you are wanting to get a high-maintenance hairstyle. It is important that you are truthful so that your hairdresser can offer alternatives should you not have much time to style your hair in the morning.

“Just Do Whatever You Want”

While many hairdressers may love to get the go-ahead to do whatever they like with a client’s hair, they will still need some sort of direction from you to ensure that you end up with a hairstyle and colour that you actually like.

“That Doesn’t Hurt A Bit” (When It Does)

When brushing and detangling, your hairdresser may often ask if it is at all painful. Many people have a sensitive scalp and you should not feel at all ashamed if the brushing technique is painful. There is no reason to sit there in silence as your scalp burns. Be honest with your hairdresser.

Revealing Too Much About Your Personal Life

While most hairdressers love to have a little chit-chat, hairdressers and beauty technicians are often treated as therapists when they most certainly are not. So feel free to chat with your hairdresser but be careful about revealing too much about your personal life, as you never know who is listening.

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