Debunking Hair Colouring Misconceptions

Debunking Hair Colouring Misconceptions

Let’s debunk some of the most common hair colouring misconceptions out there and provide you with the facts!

Hair That Has Been Coloured Looks Fake/ Unnatural

Certain hair colouring treatments are designed to look unnatural- such as bright colours and chunky highlights etc. But you can also achieve very natural looks through highlights and balayage etc.

Colouring Your Hair at The Salon Takes an Entire Day

Yes, hair colouring can take hours, but it all depends on what type of hair colour technique you are going for. Some treatments take just a couple of hours, while other treatments may, in fact, require multiple sessions, so you cannot paint all colour techniques with the same brush.

Coloured Hair Does Not Need Special Shampoo or Conditioner

When you make the commitment to colour your hair, you also commit to using recommended products to keep your new hair colour looking fresh and beautiful. If you use drugstore products, your colour could fade prematurely, and your hair may not be getting the care that it really needs.

You Should Arrive at Your Appointment with Freshly Washed Hair

Do not make the mistake of turning up to the salon with freshly washed hair. In these instances, your colour might not take as well. While each stylist has different preferences, the rule of thumb is to wash your hair around 24 to 48 hours before your appointment for the best results.

Colouring Your Hair Damages It

If you go to an experienced stylist and listen to their advice when it comes to which products to use on your colour-treated hair, then colouring your hair should not damage it. In fact, with a proper routine, your hair can look healthier and fuller when the colour is done right.

Once You Start Colouring Your Hair, You Cannot Stop

Many people warn others against colouring their hair as it is ‘addictive’, and once you start, you can stop. The other reason is that it will be difficult to transition back to your natural colour. While there may be some truths to this, it is usually quite easy to transition back to your natural colour should you want to stop colouring your hair. It may just take some patience.

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