Examining the Benefits of Keratin on Your Hair

Examining the Benefits of Keratin on Your Hair

There are lots of products that people apply to their bodies to help keep them looking young and feeling healthy. People and animals produce natural tools that combat the elements, and a lot of them have been quantified. Lanolin, from sheep wool, protects skin from drying out. Honey helps to clean and soften skin. Squalane oil, from shark livers, can moisturise skin and help to create elasticity. Keratin is another natural product similar in its health-restoring virtues.

Where Does Keratin Come From?

Keratin is a naturally-forming protein that helps to protect the outer parts of your body, like your nails, skin and hair. Keratin treatment is a course of treatment that helps to tame and protect hair. The ingredients of the treatment can come from the feathers, horns or wool of various animals.

How Does a Keratin Treatment Work?

If you’re wondering what is keratin treatment, think about the effect of humidity on your hair. It causes the hair to swell and then become frizzy. A keratin hair treatment Sydney provides the hair with a layer of protection, preventing swelling and frizz. The keratin treatment Sydney involves cleaning the hair with a wash, applying the keratin solution, drying and then ironing the hair with a flat iron. The treatment can be done two or three times a year and it usually lasts between two to three months, depending on the type of hair and how well it is cared for after the treatment.

Visit Esteem Hair Beauty Spa in Penrith for a keratin treatment and get the finest hair and beauty products, skin treatments or luxurious spa treatments. Esteem’s keratin treatment can benefit any type of hair and can last up to four months. Esteem offers aftercare products that help to ensure long-lasting benefits to your hair.

Is a Keratin Treatment Good for Your Hair?

A keratin hair treatment Sydney has positive effects on the health and management of hair and is especially marketed for frizzy or thick hair. An immediate benefit is that the effects of the treatment last for a long time. It can also have the effect of appearing to help hair to grow faster, but mostly this is because the keratin fortifies hair and alleviates breakages.

Hair is more compliant after a treatment. It flattens out the cells in hair strands, making hair less frizzy. The process of drying hair is hastened, too, and could reduce drying time in half. Hair remains stronger because it needs less heat applied to it, and thus reduces the heat damage quotient.

Because of the way the protein in the treatment engages with the cells in your hair, it creates a long-lasting glossy shine and seals in the colour, generating a strong and healthy appearance. By coating the hair strands, keratin treatment also protects against sun damage, hair breakage and split ends.

If there’s anything about your hair that you’re not thrilled with, consider a keratin treatment. If you spend too much time dealing with it, keratin can cut stylising time considerably. Thick, curly, coily and frizzy hair can all benefit from this straightening strategy.

How Can You Protect Hair Post Treatment?

Sulphate and sodium-free shampoos should be used after the keratin hair treatments Sydney because both could strip away the effects and duration of the keratin treatment Sydney, and shampooing two or three times a week is recommended. Most recommend that you wait for at least two days after treatment before getting hair wet or shampooing.

You don’t want to expose your hair to saltwater or chlorinated water, so stay out of the pool and the ocean immediately after your treatment.

You should wear your hair straight and not incorporate braids or any other styling right off the bat because it can leave behind depressions.


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