Here’s Why a Balayage is the Hottest New Trend and Why You Should Get One!

Here’s Why a Balayage is the Hottest New Trend and Why You Should Get One!

Make an appointment with your stylist now because balayage is booming! It’s a French word which means “to sweep” and that’s exactly how this hair colouring technique is done. Stylists make your hair their canvas and they brush and paint your hair to create a subtle, soft look to your hair. It’s entirely done by freehand and no foils are used during the process. The best balayage in Penrith is the creamy blonde look which became very popular and salons are filling to the brim because of this highlighting technique.

Why you should get a balayage at esteem

There are plenty of reasons to get a balayage especially if you’re looking to freshen up your hair’s look. You get that bespoke appearance and the good thing is a balayage specifically tailors to your haircut and it allows for a more natural flowing look because of the varying tones. One advantage is that your hairstylist can choose where and how to apply the balayage to that will best complement your skin.

Why balayage has become so popular

Balayage in Penrith has increasingly become the new trend especially since celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Biel have been donning the naturally flowing look to their hair. The sun-kissed caramel hair appearance instantly became a big hit and more and more people are looking to brighten and freshen up their hairstyle with this coloring technique. Not only does it look beautiful, but a balayage requires less maintenance since it grows out naturally so you don’t need frequent trips to the salon to get it re-done.

What sets it apart from other hair colouring methods?

Because of its bespoke and personalized appearance, balayages allow you to have a healthy, natural-looking hair that flows evenly all throughout. A blonde balayage in Penrith has become extremely popular  and it blends so well that everyone can get it and they’ll look stunning and beautiful. Not to mention that balayages can last up to four months when taken care of properly because the blended finish doesn’t require as much upkeep as opposed to traditional colours.

Get your balayage today!

Give your hair that sun-kissed colour by trying out a balayage in Penrith! You’ll be surprised as to how much better your hair will look overall and you’ll get that bespoke finish that everyone is going crazy about!

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