How To Take Care Of Your eyelash extensions penrith

How To Take Care Of Your eyelash extensions penrith

The absolute excitement of getting your lashes done for the first time can sometimes be swept away with the sheer realisation that you have no idea how to even start taking care of your precious lashes after your appointment. To have the very best experience with eyelash extensions penrith, read these guidelines on how to keep your lashes luscious and well cared.

Aftercare In The First 48 Hours

The most important thing to remember once you have had your lashes done is that you need to keep them as dry as possible for the first 24 to 36 hours. Try and avoid steam, facial sweating, and applying water on them until the adhesive has cured as strongly as possible. This means that you should avoid any hardcore gym sesssions, saunas and swimming for the first few days. 

Some agitation is normal and should disappear after an hour or two post-application. However, if applied by an expert, this shouldn’t happen. While great care is taken to minimise the effects of any sensitivities, it is useful to know beforehand if you are already aware that this may apply to you.

General Care For Your Eyelash Extensions

The next thing you will want to take care of is keeping them clean. As a general rule, any products that are oil based are a big no-no. Never use cleansing oils, coconut oil, or similar products to treat or clean your eyelash extensions or new standard lashes. Rather use a gentle foaming lash cleanser when washing your lashes to ensure that they are cleaned properly and safely. If you have an oily skin, look at controlling any excess oils around the eye areas with blotting papers or mattifying lotions, or by using an oil-control moisturiser.

Waterproof eyeliner or mascara as well as other oil-based beauty products should be avoided when extensions are still new. If you can, avoid wearing mascara at all if you can help it. Since your lashes are designed to look beautiful and full without the need for additional product, this one should be fairly easy to do! Don’t use baby wipes, make-up wipes, or cotton pads to remove your eye make-up since the agitation may damage your lash extensions.

When it comes to basic good eye behaviour, refrain from picking at or excessively rubbing your lashes. Doing so will loosen their bond or damage them, not to mention that it is a generally bad idea to do this with your natural lashes anyway.

With regards to lifespan and lash loss, you can expect to lose a few lashes as time goes on, just like your own natural lashes fall out to make room for new lashes to grow, but this should be no more than one to five per day and does not mean that all your lashes will fall out! When it is time for your lashes to be removed, filled in or replaced, don’t try this at home, rather trust the professionals to ensure the best results since you can damage your natural lashes if they are removed incorrectly. Some lash extension styles will wear longer than others so always speak to your beauty therapist not only about which style suits you best but what your expectations around fill-ins, lifespan, and timing for your follow-up appointment should be.

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