Long Bob Hairstyles: Everything You Need to Know!

Long Bob Hairstyles: Everything You Need to Know!

Long bob hairstyles have skyrocketed in popularity especially in Penrith because it provides a flattering look and helps to accentuate a variety of different face shapes. It’s a timeless haircut that many celebrities have been sporting for many years because it’s simple yet versatile enough to wear for any occasion. The length of the cut generally falls somewhere above the shoulders and sometimes even below it. Whether it be straight, curly, or wavy, there are endless options of how to rock a long bob hairstyle which is one of the main reasons why it’s such a trendy hairstyle that keeps popping up each year.

Why should you get a long bob hairstyle?
There are plenty of reasons why people over at Penrith are going crazy over the long bob haircut. The length of the hairstyle is a great way to compliment your face and bring more emphasis to your bone structure which helps to frame it perfectly. It’s versatile in terms of styling options and is very easy to maintain as well. You don’t have to commit to having short or hair because you can have it cut above your shoulders or below it if you so desire.

How to perfectly rock a long bob hairstyle
There are many variations on how to rock a long bob hairstyle and in here we’ll be going over some of the most popular choices on how people over at Penrith sport their long bob haircuts in a very fashionable manner.

Wavy long bob – A wavy long bob not only looks chic, but it’s also the modern long bob that everyone is desperately trying to achieve because it appears beautifully effortless and undone. This tousled look is best achieved by braiding your damp hair in large parts for a few hours to get that wavy effect. If you want the look to be more neat, you can use a curling wand with a loose barrel and dry thoroughly with a hairdryer.

Fringe lob – Throwing a fringe on top of your long bob makes the look more classic than modern. A long, messy fringe flatters the look of round face shapes perfectly so if you have a round face shape, a fringe lob will look absolutely wonderful.

Straight lob – A straight long bob that is cut just above the shoulders gives you a very sleek appearance especially when the edges are curled inwards. Blow-dry your hair downwards and curl the ends toward the inside to look real bossy.

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