Popular Cosmetic Injectables Misconceptions Debunked

Popular Cosmetic Injectables Misconceptions Debunked

No wants to age and look their great grandmother, but it is an inevitable biological process we cannot delay or avoid, no matter how we try to avoid the subject or not talk about it. We all have had sleepless nights thinking about waking up one day with wrinkles, saggy skin and a shadow of our former selves.

You spend considerable time examining the bags under your eyes and the lines around your mouth and forehead. Moreover, the question that keeps popping in your mind is should I get some cosmetic work done?

Cosmetic injectables are a popular procedure in Sydney, used by many people to improve their skin. Various myths surround the cosmetic injectables industry, making it difficult to decide as to whether cosmetic injectables are right for you or not. Just like with any medical procedure, it is imperative to do your research beforehand, so you make an informed decision.

Many myths surround the efficacy and safety of injectables many of which are unsubstantiated. This blog will aim to demystify most of the common misconceptions surrounding cosmetic injectables.

  1. Cosmetic Injectables Are Only For Wrinkles.

The number one reason people use cosmetic injections is to counter ageing, not just for aesthetic purposes. Cosmetic injections can be used in treating migraines by reducing muscle tension, including treating muscle ailments such as chronic neck and back pain, involuntary facial movements and facial spasms and neck tremors.

Additionally, cosmetic injectables help in blocking sweat glands, temporarily, to stop excessive sweating and also assist patients who suffer from depression.

  1. They Are Toxic, Unsafe And Dangerous.

You have heard horror stories of cosmetic injectables going wrong and people having their faces and bodies disfigured, but that is because they went to a fly by night medical professional.

Cosmetic injectables have been used to treat a range of various conditions for nearly 20 years, resulting in cementing a long and well-established safety history. During this period, there have been no apparent long term side effects since its introduction.

These injectables are manufactured using purified protein, a substance that already occurs naturally in our bodies, causing facial muscles to relax temporarily. Its use also results in the instant softening of lines and reducing the severity of visible wrinkles.

  1. Cosmetic Injectables Create A Frozen Face.

One of the biggest and lingering misconceptions associated with cosmetic injectables is you will end up with an unnatural outcome and an inability of making facial expressions.

Cosmetic injectables are not about getting rid of every little line but the prevention of the thicker lines which will bother you. Your skin’s natural capability to protect itself reduces over time, and muscle contractions and movement leave their mark. The quickest and affordable method in reducing and preventing wrinkle formation are anti-wrinkle injections.

  1. If No Wrinkles Appear, There Is No Point In Seeking Cosmetic Injectables.

You do not have to wait for wrinkles to ruin your good looks to start using cosmetic injectables. They are a preventative treatment that is now commonly used by women or men in their twenties and thirties as it is beneficial in the long run.

By starting treatments preventatively, your muscles learn not to make certain facial expressions that contributing to worsening facial lines. When your face does not make certain expressions or making them less often, you will require fewer treatments of injections in the future.

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