You Can Buy Hair Products Online, But It Doesn’t Come With Expert Hairdresser Advice And The Best Outcome

You Can Buy Hair Products Online, But It Doesn’t Come With Expert Hairdresser Advice And The Best Outcome

Due to the rise in online availability of professional hair and beauty brands,  e-commerce and online stockists have made the process of DIY hair and beauty  even easier. 

However, easier and budget-friendly doesn’t mean better, nor does it guarantee the results you want or expect from an expert hairdresser. Buying online and following online tutorials and Youtube videos removes the advice you get from experts and eliminates the best hair results one gets in professional salons. It could also lead you to cheap supermarket versions and black market imitations which are a no-no.

Avoid Cheap Supermarket Versions And Imitations

While online stores and stockists, and salons, do sell many of the products used by expert hairdressers, you’ve got to know which are the top quality products and which ones are far from it. Sure, buying online can be done but the results are even better when great hair products meet great skill. Expert hairdressers are well informed of the best products on the market and how to use them according to your hair needs and specifications.

Youtube Provides General Tips; Experts Provide Specific Treatments 

Expert hairdressers analyse your hair, its condition, your scalp and skin type. Youtube videos do not do this. Online stores and stockists offer all for one and one for all products which puts buyers in a risky position. You may have allergies to a certain hair product, your scalp may have a sensitivity which could be irritated with a hair product purchased online. At an expert hairdresser, following a thorough consultation, you will receive advice and personalised recommendations of what products to use to attain the best results without negative reactions.

Avoid Costs Which Come With An SOS Call To Expert Hairdressers When Your Online Hair Product Turns Out Wrong

If going online and purchasing hair products is motivated by a need to save money, think again. Don’t buy box colour, cheap supermarket versions and black market imitations. DIY hair regimes, treatments and solutions are not easy to do. This will lead to more money paid out to the expert hairdresser who will need to fix the problem. Rather save the hassle and avoid a bad hair day – choose to pay for a professional who’ll give you value with money and leave you with the hair style, cut and colour you want.

Why Compromise On The Salon Experience For DIY And Online Purchases 

Going to the hair salon, to your favourite expert hairdresser, and spending time and money on professional hair care, treatment and services is actually necessary. No value can be placed on leaving the kids with the babysitter, the husband at golf and switching your phone off as you enjoy some quality you-time as you get a professional hair treatment. Getting your hair done by an expert hairdresser allows you to be treated like a king or queen, enjoy refreshing drinks, VIP service and time with the hairdresser who will not only give you the hair look you want but additional advice and tips to keep your new do maintained, beautiful and long-lasting. You can’t get all this from the side of a product box now can you. When it comes to the salon experience, online shopping for hair products just can’t compete. 

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